27 October, 2009

Delicieux Bistro: Finally a good sandwich

For lunch today we checked out this baguette place that HK so lovingly reviewed, and boy was it worth it.

See HK magazine's review here.

Their portions were generous enough, with delectable-sounding fillings, such as lemongrass chicken, deluxe Viet (as featured in the review) and interesting Viet appetizers for $5 extra. Total lunch combo set was $45, which was a total bargain. They were even doing a special 10% discount--Hongkongers love a good sale.

I went for the lemongrass pork, since I'd had chicken overload last week, and was most impressed by the crunchy hot baguette and meat flavour. Will definitely add in a Viet appetizer next time as well. They also do more usual french choices, although I'm thinking the Vietnamese ones are probably the ones to go for.


26 October, 2009

I was going through my photo albums and trying to effectively sort out all the junk on my laptop, when I came across this picture.
Immediately, it revoked all the then pissed off and exasperated feelings that I had felt when attemping to capture that image. I had the camera perfectly in place for a shot of Venus Williams, no less, and the woman with the unbelievably annoying hat in front had chosen that opportune moment to stand up. Poor Venus's elegant victory wave was completely overshadowed by a mere commonplace straw hat.
The 'Decisive Moment' had gone. Stoopid woman.

14 October, 2009

Helloooooo to all, and welcome to my maiden blog. I have decided to start blogging because it seems fun, and I'm going to treat it sort of like an online documentary of my gap year for all my far flung friends out there.

For a bit of random frivolity, Miss 13-dot was an Hong Kong comic fashion idol in the 60s and 70s and adored by all females for her never-ending outfits and carefree lifestyle. She was literally THE it-girl then, albeit only in paper form. It is rather odd, though perhaps synonymous with that time, that a comic girl character managed to gain status as the undisputed leader in all things fashion for every tween, teen, women then.

However, artist Lee Wai Chun is a genius, purely for the amount of original outfits she thought up and the perfection of her drawings.

I am going through a phase of loving the artworks and character she created.