23 January, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Recycling an old painting I did for my A level art in honour of Chinese New Year and the Year of the dragon. 恭喜發財!Painted using oils on a wooden board. The background effect was done using shellac and gold leaf was used for the mane and tail.

Black and White

I love experimenting with film photography despite being a complete amateur at it. These were taken with my old nikon film camera that I had when I was 9. My very first camera. I've recently started using it again and loved how the black and white film turned out. There always seems to be more mystery and intrigue around grainy film images, probably because you're never really sure how they will turn out. The waiting brings a little suspense too - some of these photos are from a year and a half ago, yet I only finished the film and got them developed in December.

Street Dancers at Trafalgar Square, London
© Sophia Chan 2012

Subway station, New York
© Sophia Chan 2012

Street corner, New York
© Sophia Chan 2012


I have now added the addictive activity of Tumblr to my list of hobbies, and am fully indulging in sartorial images with the same blog name. Click here to visit!