23 February, 2012

Fashion Show

© Sophia Chan 2012
Here are some fashion illustrations I did for the Castle Fashion Show programme. Being rather out of practice with fashion illustrations I did a lot of experimentation with pencil, ink, pen and watercolour, but finally settled on using just watercolour. I had to illustrate figures based on the type of clothes that would be modelled on the catwalk - it is definitely a lot trickier drawing figures from the imagination as opposed to copying from a photograph.

© Sophia Chan 2012
I found myself having to rely heavily on the influence of David Downton's work, especially in this drawing of the red ball gown. However, hopefully with more illustrations I can begin to develop more of my own identity. To see a rough layout of the full programme, head over to my talented friend's blog Miyake Design.

I am now working on my entry for Castle Arts Week Exhibition - first prize wins 100 pounds. Wish me luck!

16 February, 2012

12 February, 2012

Life drawing

At university I get to go to life drawing sessions every week for the wonderfully cheap price of 2 pounds per one and a half hour session. I haven't drawn nudes since sixth form at school, and a naked man (gasp, horror!) would never have been let into our all-girls Catholic school.

© Sophia Chan 2012
One of my resolutions is to go every week until my drawing skills are waaay better than present. In my opinion, hands and feet are extremely difficult to get exactly accurate!
© Sophia Chan 2012