23 February, 2012

Fashion Show

© Sophia Chan 2012
Here are some fashion illustrations I did for the Castle Fashion Show programme. Being rather out of practice with fashion illustrations I did a lot of experimentation with pencil, ink, pen and watercolour, but finally settled on using just watercolour. I had to illustrate figures based on the type of clothes that would be modelled on the catwalk - it is definitely a lot trickier drawing figures from the imagination as opposed to copying from a photograph.

© Sophia Chan 2012
I found myself having to rely heavily on the influence of David Downton's work, especially in this drawing of the red ball gown. However, hopefully with more illustrations I can begin to develop more of my own identity. To see a rough layout of the full programme, head over to my talented friend's blog Miyake Design.

I am now working on my entry for Castle Arts Week Exhibition - first prize wins 100 pounds. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Sophia, I'm loving your illustrations! You are very talented.

    From your newest follower :-)
    Vanessa x

    Pop over to my blog and follow me too!

    P.S - and good luck for the Exhibition!

  2. you really have talent, the paintings look stunning!