12 June, 2012

Fashion + Eczema

I have decided to expand my blog from being just arty to including more of myself. I will now be posting about my struggles with eczema as well, and how I've coped with fashion and skincare choices.

There are probably millions of teens and adults who suffer from eczema out there, but it's funny how I've never really come across anyone who does in my everyday life. As a result, I've found that my struggle can be incredibly lonely at times. It also frustrates me how most of the eczema sites are geared more towards young children, as opposed to twenty-somethings like myself who suffer from it.

One aspect is clothing. I often get through many clothes in a day, simply because I'm wearing something and it will start to feel itchy and uncomfortable within a few hours. The biggest pain is the labels and inner seams of clothing, which means sometimes I have to wear clothing inside-out to feel better! This has drawn the occasional confused comment from my housemates. What about you? Do you find that you always have to cut the labels off clothing?

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