12 June, 2012

Brand review: Eau Thermale Avène

The French skincare brand Avène uses spring thermal water from the Saint-Odile spring in France, which is where its main hydrotherapy centre is based. Medical treatment for skin ailments can be sought there, and I've been dying to go ever since I found out about the place. It sounds heavenly for the skin. You can find more information about it here. The brand can easily be found in most Boots stores here in the UK, as well as online.

I use the tolerance extreme range cream, which I've found to be really soothing and can hardly feel it on my skin. It also has a rather short ingredient list, which is good as apparently the less ingredients there are, the less allergens you are likely to encounter.

I like the hydrating serum they have, which is quite expensive, but good if you really dislike the feeling of heavy duty creams like I do! I apply it to my face straight after cleansing, and it feels wonderfully light. One thing I am lucky for, is that I hardly have any eczema on my face anymore, apart from a dry upper lip. This means I can still use make-up products without worrying about major flare ups. The serum is rather expensive, as all serums are, but I try to buy it when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on skincare, which saves so much!
Finally, I also like using their gentle eye make-up remover, which I also use for removing other traces of heavy make-up. It is very gentle and soothing, which doesn't irritate despite being a contact-lens wearer.

I have tried many of their other products, but these are definitely my go to top-3. I used to suffer from acne as well, and eczema + acne really is not the best of combinations! Using Avene really helped me to calm it down. Being more mindful of aesthetics, I also like that the packaging is relatively simple and not hideous, like some eczema focused brands.

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